Friday, August 6, 2010

EconomPics of the Week (8/6/10)

Busy week here at EconomPic...

Asset Classes

The Power of Mean Reversion
More on Mean Reversion
Yield Wins in the Long Run
Hedge Funds Snap Back in July
IBM Borrows on the Cheap

Economic Data

From Unemployed to Out of the Workforce
Leaving the Workforce in Droves
Job Postings on the Up and Up
Private Employment Rebound Stalling
ADP Report: Employment Rebound Remains Tepid

U.S. Consumer
The Changing Auto Sector
Personal Savings on the Rise
Personal Income... A Matter of Wages
Consumer Credit Continues Decline, Though Past Months Revised Up

Other U.S.
ISM Manufacturing Growth Slows
Services Industry Expands in July
Real GDP per Capita at September 2005 Level

Brakes Put on the Chinese Economy
Is the German Economy Booming? No...
European Consumption Stagnant

And your video of the week... Arcade Fire with 'Sprawl II' from Thursday's MSG show (the new album is insanely good IMO).

And as an encore, Arcade Fire with 'Wake Up' because it might just be the best song ever...


  1. Never heard tyhat band before, not too shabby at all!

    Have a great weekend and do not attempt any ollies or anything.

  2. 'Wake Up' was really good! I placed an Amazon order, thanks for the clip!

  3. Uh oh, making the rounds:

    Good stuff always finds its way to the top!

  4. thanks for the tip. left him a post. been a long time follower of his...

  5. one last thing... if you're going to buy an album of there's, the new album is great, but 'Funeral' is in a league of its own