Friday, August 20, 2010

EconomPics of the Week (8/20/10)

Asset Class Performance
Bond Bubble Blasphemy
Treasuries: Bubble or Accurate Reflection of Slow Growth?
More on the 16/18/20
The Case for Emerging Markets
Swap Curve Whacked
More on Equity Earnings Yield
How Well Have Treasuries Perfomed?

Economic Data
The Household Sector is Deleveraging
Philthy Fed Index
PPI Jumps Due to Energy in July
Capacity Utilization Jumps in July
Tame Leading Economic Indicators in July
Empire Manufacturing "Modest" Gain... Orders Fall
China Passes Japan as 2nd Largest Economy

And your video of the week... The Strokes with Reptilia:


  1. Busy week for you Jake, plenty to mull over indedd. Have a great weekend, not many left in August, ugh!

    Nifty tune as well.

  2. you as well. btw- swapped the tune. didn't realize i had never posted a strokes song...

  3. Ah, I will check it. My usual show is up as always if interested but skip the zombi fungus ant thing if you want to be able to sleep!