Friday, June 25, 2010

Picks of the 'US is Now a Soccer Nation' Week (6/25/10)

Economic Data
Does Germany Benefit from Austerity?
GDP Revised Down to 2.7%
Durable Goods Mixed... Reverse of April
Staycation... Slow Retreat
On the Relative Strength Within Europe
Chinese Currency "Soars"

Investments / Asset Classes
P/E Ratio: Deflators and the LONG Term
Corporate Profits Continue to Bounce Back
Zombie Nation
Today was a Good Day
Get Low, Get Low, Get Low, Get Low
Existing Home Sales Disappoint
New Homes Sales.... Looooookkkkkk Ouuuuttttt Beeeellllooowww

Hey... Whacha Doin?
South America World Cup Dominance

And your video of the week (sure to give any U.S. soccer fan the shivers), The World's Reaction to Landon Donovan's Game Winning Goal (or at least America's Reaction):


  1. What an awesome clip.
    It gave me the shivers and I'm not even American.
    Team USA has found its way into lots of people's hearts for their passion and true fighting spirit.
    They truly deserved to top their group!
    Well Done!

  2. The US team just kept at it and won, very good effort.

    I took the day off to go fishing, and I do not know if you like that sort of stuff Jake but I put some pictures up if you do.

  3. i've turned into a "city boy", but i love to get out in the open (though haven't fished in quite some time).

    being on a lake sounds pretty ideal right about now though...

    thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!