Monday, June 21, 2010

South America World Cup Dominance

I knew the South American teams were playing well, but had no idea this well... The Miami Herald details (bold mine):

Coming into this World Cup, there was much talk about how the winter weather might benefit European teams, and how African teams would be inspired by the fervent support of the continent, the comfort of native cuisine and the familiar sound of the deafening vuvuzelas.

But 10 days into the tournament, European heavyweights are bickering and struggling, most African teams are facing elimination, and it is the fun-loving, fancy-passing South Americans who are dominating with a 7-0-2 record (now 8-0-2 following Chile's 1-0 win) and a 17-4 (now 18-4) scoring edge after Brazil's 3-1 victory against Ivory Coast on Sunday night at Soccer City.
More broadly comparing the two regions of the world...

To my European readers I give you this... it could be worse. You could be host continent and 1-7-4 in the tournament.

Source: ESPN


  1. Only a string of bad luck. Just wait...


  2. I am loving this South American success. It's a beautiful thing to watch. Bafana bafana put on a nice show today against Le Bleu(epic implosion) in their last game in front of their home crowd. They almost pulled it out an qualified but the post denied them.

  3. I'm loving this! The only two nations ever to win the World Cup off their home continent are Brazil & Argentina. If things continue on their current path, we may end up watching those two meet in the final this year.

    Yet Germany, Uruguay, Portugal, and Netherlands all look pretty dominant this year as well. I guess that's why thy play the games.