Friday, May 21, 2010

EconomPics of the Week (5/21/10)

Global Economy
Major Players Still Buying Treasuries
France and the PIIGS
It Isn't Always a Liquidity Problem

Economic Data
Leading Economic Indicators Negative for First Time in a Year
Disinflation Alert
PPI Drops Slightly in April
U.K. Inflation Continues Uptick
Growth of Empire Manufacturing Index Slows in May

Financial Markets / Asset Returns
May 19th in Brief
Look Out Below (Morning of 5/20)
U.S. Dollar is King (Evening of 5/20)
Blood in the Streets (Also Evening of 5/20)
Commercial Real Estate Resumes Decline

And quite frankly because it's time to rock.... your video of the week. Metallica w/ Master of Puppets.... Master.... Master....

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  1. SICK!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a great pick!

    I have a thing for live music; nothing can top it. Have a great weekend Jake!