Friday, May 28, 2010

EconomPics of the Memorial Day Weekend

Economic Data
GDP Revised Slightly Down to 3% in Q1
Not Sustainable - Part II
New Home Sales Jump... Test Comes Next Month
Durable Goods Orders Mixed in April
U.S. Economy on Continued Life Support
Case Shiller: Housing Rebound Losing Steam?
Confidence Improves in May

Returns / Asset Classes
Treasuries... Full Circle
Equity Valuation Matters...
Real: Equity Valuation Matters
What Volatlity?
The Month of the Draw Down
Dow 10,000!!!!
Low Quality Rally Unwind

And your video of the week... Eddie Vedder covers Tom Petty's I Won't Back Down.

Everyone in the U.S., enjoy the long weekend!


  1. Very good stuff this week. I am on a mini vacation and when I got in this afternoon It was like fireworks in the finance world all day today. Unreal.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Jake,

    I have a suggestion for you, but I'm not sure if the data is publicly available.

    For most of my adult life, it has seemed that consumer confidence had a high correlation to the stock market. (One of my favorite Bloomberg stories had a headline, "Stocks up on Rise in Confidence." Inside, the story attributed the rise in confidence to the rise in markets.... doh!)

    But this past year seems to be different. Confidence is definitely up from the lows, but nothing like the market increases. And with it didn't fall at all with this brutal correction.

    Econoday has confidence graphs for the last year:

    But it would be neat to see a 10-20 year comparison.