Monday, May 3, 2010

Auto Sales Mixed, but Show Continued Rebound

The Atlantic details:

April was a good month to be in the U.S. auto business. The top-seven auto companies all saw increased sales compared to a year ago. For that group, sales were up an aggregate 19%. But not all car makers did equally well.
Now a little perspective... autos have shown a nice rebound over the past 12 months, but levels are still well below 2008 levels (though it appears automakers are profitable at these levels).

But back to the point of mixed results...
As you can see, GM saw a 6.7% rise, but that's pretty weak compared to its competitors. All others had at least double-digit sales increases. Nissan and Hyundai outshined the others.

Really, this news has to be pretty worrisome to GM. Even though it saw more sales, through a little analysis, you can quickly see that its market share fell.
Ford on the other hand (i.e. the American manufacturer that isn't owned by the taxpayer), continues to perform very well.

Source: Auto Blog

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  1. I hope Ford wins out for American car makers, they deserve to. Now if we could only punish the bailout banks!