Friday, October 30, 2009

Where's the Shout Out?

My post/ chart @ 9:34 AM ET yesterday regarding the impact cash for clunkers had on GDP.

Clusterstocks post / chart @ 2:13 PM ET yesterday (at which point my post had ~3000 hits)

And I know for a fact that the author of that post Vincent Fernando reads EconomPic (he has used our charts in other posts before). Same dates / scale for the chart no less, even though data from the BEA for autos goes back to the 1960's.

As any reader of mine knows... feel free to use my charts or information, but PLEASE give me a shout.

Source: BEA (hat tip Barry)


  1. Come on guys: the internet is the wild wild west, but at least acknowledge where you're getting your ammo.

  2. I really enjoy your charts and hope going forward that you get your props.