Friday, October 16, 2009

EconomPics of the Week (10/16/09)

Week three of six (yikes... only halfway there) of crazy "real job" related travel if you've noticed the limited posts / lack of new analysis. Completely drained so don't be surprised if I decide to take a few days off next week, but a weekend has proven to regenerate me before.

Economic Data

Output Gap and Inflation
Inflation Cools Off? No Inflation to Begin With
UK Weakness and Disinflation

Philly Fed Shows Strength, But Less
Empire Manufacturing Index Roars

Consumer Credit: Supply vs. Demand
Retail Sales Show Relative Strength
Good News Alert: Inventories Cliff Dive

German Investor Confidence Slightly Lower
Costs of Employment Up... Just Not in Wage Form
Renting vs. Owning

Asset Prices
The Legacy of Bill Miller

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