Friday, October 23, 2009

EconomPics of the Week (10/23/09)

Economic Data

Existing Home Sales... Not as Strong as You May Think
U.S. Fighting While We We're Down: Productivity Edges Higher
Strong, But "Flaky" Leading Economic Indicators
State by State Unemployment: Nowhere to Hide
Producer Prices Surprise to the Downside
Consumer Sentiment Sluggish

Eurozone Industrial Production: Strong, but Split
UK Economy Continues to Contract
Japanese Tertiary Index Shows Strength
What if the U.S. is Unable to Power the Global Recovery

Asset Classes
Commercial Real Estate Fiasco
On the Attractiveness of Treasuries

The Politics of Global Warming
The Rich Get Richer: Weekly Wage Edition

And your video of the week, which proves that love is blind:

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  1. Nice post. I would say it a cumulative post of world's economic picture.
    According to me we have survived the worst of the ongoing global economic recession and hopefully as per the present condition we shall overcome this within 6-9 months.