Sunday, August 9, 2009

Japanese Machinery Orders Up... Still No Private Demand

Daily FX with the details (bold mine):

Japanese Machine Orders, when excluding ships and utilities, June rose by 9.7% in June, beating expectations of a 2.6% increase in the figure. The latest release is the highest of such since April of 2008. Last month'a release saw orders for such industrial needs contract by 3.0%. Most of the increase in demand in June came from abroad, growing 43.8% on the month.
The domestic public sector weighed in only slightly. Overall, when including orders for ships and utilities, total orders rose only 2.3% with private demand actually slipping by 15.9%. But it is important to strip the metric of boat orders because such expenditures are generally used for military or freighters. Still, it may somewhat worrisome to see such a substantial gap between the headline figure and the figure with the two excluded items.

Source: ESRI

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