Friday, August 14, 2009

Capacity Utilization Jumps from 17.4% Increase in Automotive Production

The good news... a 0.5% jump in industrial production and an increase in capacity utilization. The bad news... capacity utilization jumped to levels last seen... in April (i.e. not much) even with the MASSIVE 17.4% increase in auto production due to the cash for clunkers program.

And the update of the capacity utilization vs. CPI chart, which shows CPI may be bottoming in a few months. Details of this analysis can be found here.

Source: BLS / Federal Reserve


  1. I have started a blog about stopping foreclosures and since you and I are blogging on a similar subject I was wondering if you would be interested in exchanging links? What do you think? Check out the blog at I have only placed 2 of my 7 posts so far.

    thanks for reading.

  2. I will certainly check it out. Feel free to use anything from this blog on yours... thanks.

  3. Foreclosures are macroeconomically the healthiest thing possible. It deleverages debt, and brings housing market prices back down to realistic levels. It's a sign of a bubble fixing itself. Better for people to be broke than to pass along unsustainable debt to the future.