Monday, October 20, 2008

Hot Dog! "Recession Special" Up 27%

During these tough economic times, I have always had the peace of mind that only Gray's Papaya was able to provide (for those outside New York City, Gray's Papaya is famous for its very inexpensive, high-quality hot dogs). The "recession special", two hot dogs and a papaya juice for $3.50, meant that no matter what happened in the economy, I was only a few blocks away from hot dog salvation. No more (hat tip to the beautiful Laura R... via the NY Times):

This week, the special will rise to $4.45 from $3.50, Mr. Gray said.

“Tell them I’m weeping as I do it,” he said, adding, “My prices are very low and my rents are very high, so I have a problem.” Mr. Gray blamed the rising wholesale cost of food, and lamented the price increase’s timing, which he called “the worst.”
A recession special ~50% more expensive than just four years ago as we head into a rough recession. That truly is the "the worst" "the wurst" news I've heard all week.

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  1. Glad you noticed this too. I found out the hard way-- waiting to pay and with a line forming behind me.

    Thanks for putting up the chart. I was thinking of doing it but ran out of time. It looks great!

    My article on Gray's

    Don't worry, I'm going to link to yours, as well.