Thursday, October 23, 2008

Basketball Players Shouldn't Be Currency Traders

Back on July 23rd, AJC reported that Josh Childress of the NBA's Atlanta Hawks would be playing in Europe:

Childress, 25, is the first player at this stage of his NBA career to spurn the world's most high-profile basketball stage for one of its international alternatives.
Why? According to his agent Lon Babby:
"Given the relative strength of the Euro, there are teams with the relative ability to compete with NBA teams for players. It's going to change the dynamic of the process and I'm sure some others will look at it and it could become a part of the business."

Turns out it wasn't such a hot idea...

Looks like the contract was in Dollars, not Euros, thus his contract doesn't become smaller to Josh... it becomes more expensive for the European owner...


  1. What you didn't notice in the coverage of the Childress move is that his contract is in dollars.