Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Americans... Hate... Everything

Bloomberg details:

The majority of poll participants -- 56 percent -- say big financial companies are more interested in enriching themselves at the expense of ordinary people, while 40 percent say such firms play a vital role in enabling the economy to grow.

At the same time, Americans are divided over the scope of government regulation. More than 40 percent of Americans say the government has gone too far in measures to fix the financial industry; 37 percent say it hasn’t done enough. Almost six out of 10 people say Wall Street hasn’t gone far enough on its own to protect against future emergencies.

Source: Selzer & Co


Nelson did not appreciate the post:

Americans don't hate everything. They know they have been ripped off by the "FIRE economy, and the bought for congress. It is disingenous of you to label Americans as "hatas" when the whole financial economy is Lehman like, or are you too blinded by cutesy picturesque pie graphs and columns to see the graft from the graph? Either you help denounce the thieves, or you contribute to the cover up.


My response:

disgusted@econompic = another thing americans hate... econompic! (it was sarcastic people [nelson- you obviously do not read this blog regularly which is fine, but i hope i have done at least my share of "denouncing the thieves"]).

that is all besides the point. the main point and what i find interesting is not that everyone is fed up with the financial system (that makes sense), but how divided everyone is on... well, everything.

~half of americans hate the health care reform / ~half really like it.
~half say the gov't hasn't done enough / ~half say they've done too much

while the cutesy picturesque charts above shows americans view on business, the financial system, and government... we can add religion in schools (either side of the debate), abortion, war in the middle east, etc... and we'll still get close to 50% of people who do not approve.

that was my point... you cannot make americans happy doing anything, so leadership should simply just try to do what is right.