Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Golden Bubble Cont'd (Part II)

Another case for gold entering bubble territory. Tim Iacono at Seeking Alpha with the details:

To me, it's just fun to watch their stash grow as inventory at the world's most popular gold ETF passes holdings by central banks all around the world. Switzerland, you're next! Soon, GLD will be number six in the world and then it'll be a long way to go in relative terms to catch Italy at almost two and a half thousand tonnes but, at the rate they're going in 2009, that'll happen by this fall. Then it's just a chip-shot away to surpass France.

With net assets of over $33 billion, GLD is already the second largest ETF in net assets according to Yahoo! Finance behind only its SPDR brother SPY at about double that figure. Somehow, it seems like that gap might narrow rather quickly over the next year or so.