Friday, March 6, 2009

EconomPic Turns One... Pics of the Week

Last March 4th, EconomPic came to be with this sorry looking chart of the CPI. The point of the blog was simply to store charts that I have been creating to get a better sense of what made up headline economic figures you see in the news.

Here and there, I would send Barry over at The Big Picture (I used to correspond with Barry from my business school days) some of these charts, which on occasion he would post and to my amazement I would get a few hundred hits from his site.

I didn't post a single word on EconomPic until June 11th of last year when I wrote a post titled "Why Not Deflation?". I honestly didn't expect a single person to read the post, but wanted strictly to document this belief so I could prove to a friend or two that I had called it right when the economy slowed. Likely due to my own click through to Naked Capitalism (I linked to a post at Naked Capitalism, which likely made Yves aware that my blog even existed), to my utter amazement, it was made one of her links of the day.

The rest so they say is history. In my close to 900 posts, I've learned more about the economy and world of finance than I thought possible (yet I still know nothing). This is only possible by the great reader base and other great bloggers I read daily that have made traditional media seem flat and out of touch. The thought of giving back to this community provides the motivation to keep making ~20 posts per week, even though my real job already takes up too much of my time (though there is plenty of overlap, ALL the work I detail here is mine) and includes a travel schedule anyone would despise.

The ability to share my thoughts with such a wide base of readers (1,000,000+ page views and right around 850 current subscribers through Google Reader) is humbling. While I would love to share more about myself, my "other life" in the investment world makes this next to impossible without risking the ability to continue posting.

Thanks to everyone who has read or contributed, which has enabled EconomPic to be something more than a storage space for these tacky charts.


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"Rational Apathy"
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Economic Data
The Death of the Teenage Workers
Positive News Alert! Consumer Credit Rebound
Unemployment by Education Attainment
Unemployment 8.1%; Broader Unemployment to 14.8%
Pending Home Sales (January)
Productivity Down; Costs Up
ISM Services (February)
Wholesale Shipments: Booze and Cigarettes
Rebound on the Way... I Mean It... Any Year Now......
Personal Savings Bounce
GDP = C + I + G + NE

Budget / Armageddon
How Big is the Budget: Part I
How Big is the Budget: Part II
Country Vulnerability Rank and Debt to GDP
IRA's Bank Stress Tests
Auto Sales: And Boom Goes the Dynamite
Tic... Tic... Tic...