Sunday, March 4, 2012

EconomPic Turns Four

Back on March 4th, 2008 EconomPic came to be with this sorry looking chart of CPI (seriously look at it... it's a joke). The point of the blog was simply to store charts that I regularly created to get a better sense of what was going on in this crazy world (timing couldn't have been better for material as the global economy was just about to blow up).

The blog has since evolved from a source for almost all relevant economic data (not sure how I found the time to post so often) to one that attempts to help digest the major economic data points and to share my 10,000 foot view on asset class valuation. So while my 15-20 post weeks will never return, the blog still hopefully provides readers with a better sense of what is going on in the world, while I more regularly post links and random thoughts over at Twitter.

I am incredibly thankful for the "in" that this blog has provided me to such a remarkable community of other bloggers and an audience of wonderful, thoughtful readers that make traditional media seem flat and out of touch. The fact that EconomPic just passed 2600 RSS subscribers is mind boggling. Giving back to this community is what provides me with the motivation to keep the blog going, despite the limited time a 3 month old son provides (for those that don't recall, I unsuccessfully "retired" last year... I simply couldn't stay away).

So thank you to everyone who has read or contributed, enabling EconomPic to be something more than a storage space for tacky charts.


  1. The charts are great but sadly missing have been wildly optimistic assessments of the Jets prospects.

  2. They made two of the last three AFC Championship games!

  3. Jake thanks for all your great work these past four years, I'm a huge biggest fan and often incorporate your insights into my own work on and off the web