Thursday, October 6, 2011

More on Chinese Investment

Yesterday, I posted about China's Investment Conundrum (specifically, that China can't keep growing their investments at the torrid pace we've seen due to simple math). Below is a comparison of the composition of China's economy vs. that of the U.S., as well as growth in each component from 2001-2010.

To show this in a different way, below is just U.S. and Chinese investment. Combined, they have grown at a ~4.5% annualized clip, which not coincidentally is just about the pace of global GDP growth over that time frame. In other words, China has been taking production market share (a lot of it) from the U.S. (and developed world). At some point in time there isn't any more market share to take (or in theory the outsource trend could reverse), thus the entire consumption pie (including Chinese consumption) needs to grow at a faster pace in order for China to maintain the outpaced growth seen.

Source: BEA / Chinability

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  1. Great article, China is a mess Country. There is no such thing as a soft landing after pumping their GDP by as much liquidity as they did. They have not collapsed, but their markets are on a downward slope.