Sunday, August 7, 2011

Relative Strength

I present below the "EconomPic Data Relative Strength Index".

What it shows is the percent that a variety of ETFs are above and below their 52 week lows and highs, as well as the relative strength (i.e. combination of the two - i.e. if an ETF is currently 20% below its high, but 30% above its low, then the relative strength is 10).

Puts the dollar sell-off (commodities and gold are ripping) and risk-off (financials are sliding, Treasuries are rocking) in perspective.


  1. Shocking that gold is up so much, I am shocked!!!!

  2. GYSC, all that QE money had to go somewhere.

  3. Left silver out, but at a relative strength of 91!

  4. Guess QE 3 is on the way but gas is still way high. What a mess.