Thursday, May 6, 2010

Well, That Was Interesting

This post was timely!

Following a tough two days, we momentarily saw a complete meltdown as liquidity completely disappeared from the market (due to potential computer errors?). The below ETFs broke away from their respective benchmarks at times, but the chart below provides a sense into just how disorderly the sell-off was at times (daily peformance in red, how far things sold-off in yellow).

Update: want some insight into what happened today? I think this covers it.

Source: Yahoo Finance


  1. Hey Jake what would the UUP look like in there

  2. 0.81% on the day
    1.38% at the peak

  3. How come there are never any trading errors when things go up?

  4. GYC- because then they wouldn't be talking about the 1000 point decline (that ended up 300 points down), but instead would be talking about the 700 point downturn "after" the upside error that cost everyone their life savings.

    a classic "lose lose"

  5. Jake,
    I luv ya but I will need an example of that one.

  6. sorry, let me add, in the last 10 years.