Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The One Day Unwind? PART II

After last weeks European induced sell-off, EconomPic asked if it was a one day event (last week... it was).

How about this time?

Source: Finance


  1. I do not have the US Treasury sale dates in front of me but I think a little sideways action for a few days and then all that was lost will be gained back and then some. You gotta scare folks sometimes!

  2. true conspiracy... love it.

    i personally can't get too short with all this liquidity sloshing around, but am starting to wonder when the 10% correction will arive.

  3. Overlay the market moves with the treasury sales and whether or not a conspiracy it sure has been working as an entry/exit pivot point.

  4. As long as the Euro is under pressure, the markets will be under pressure I think. Europe is way to big of a trading partner for the S&P (40+% of their profits from overseas) 500.

    China, Aussies, everyone is tightening on a recovery that really doesn't have meat.

    On the bullish side, as long as we get good economic numbers, there will be buyers and the correction won't be deep.... BUT

    If job creation doesn't come (200+ jobs/month) soon, then it's 2002 all over again and the reflation experiment will begin to fail. And it won't be pretty.

    JOBS JOBS JOBS, it's money time.

  5. Jobs will be a problem in a way as they will add the wage pressures the FED does not want to see. Its never easy.