Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ford Taking Advantage of Toyota's Weakness

Chicago Tribune details:

Ford Motor Co. said Tuesday that its February sales rocketed 43 percent from a year earlier, helping it to surpass General Motors Co. as the largest U.S. automaker for the month.

GM also posted gains, but Toyota Motor Corp. saw its sales plunge almost 9 percent, hurt by a series of recalls and federal investigations into safety defects.

Ford's sales report underscores how a lineup of new products and Toyota woes have helped to fuel a turnaround at the Dearborn, Mich., automaker. Ford sold 142,285 vehicles last month, taking over the top spot from GM by about 300 vehicles. Ford last outsold GM in August 1998.
Year over Year Auto Sales

Looking closer, Ford (the big winner) sales lept more than 40,000, while Toyota (the big loser besides a discontinued brand) dropped more than 10,000, resulting in Ford sales outpacing Toyota by more than 40,000.

Source: Auto Blog


  1. We need some absolute scales; Buick sales were up 50% but going from 4 cars sold to 6 cars sold is not really that big a deal! Kidding but the absolute numbers are pertinent here.

  2. Thanks Jake! The second graph really shows Ford and GM making a junp indeed. Even Buick, HA!

    Never understimate poor press; last year ask a toyota driver if their car has any issues and all would say "None". Ask now and you will get a long list of "defects".