Thursday, December 10, 2009

Treasury Budget: "Only" $120.3 Billion Deficit

Reuters with the details:
The United States posted a smaller-than-expected $120.3 billion budget deficit in November, Treasury Department data showed on Thursday.

In November, outlays fell for the second straight month, dropping to $253.9 billion from $311.7 billion in October and compared with $270 billion in November 2008, Treasury said.

Receipts totaled $133.6 billion, down from $135.3 billion in October and the lowest for November since 2005, the department said. Receipts in November 2008 stood at $144.8 billion.

The deficit over the two months of the new fiscal year to date now stands at $296.7 billion compared with $280.7 billion for the same period a year ago and the record $1.4 trillion in the just ended 2009 fiscal year.

I am not making the case that getting spending in check is not a good thing in the long run (and the reduction was marginal). However, less government spending will be another reason why the recovery may not live up to the hype priced into risk assets. Back to Reuters:
"Those who are waiting for a V-shaped rebound are probably going to be disappointed," Penrod said. "It is not going to be a one-step recovery, it is going to be more baby steps as we move through this."
Source: Treasury

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  1. If all the money thrown at the "recovery" so far can only achieve "baby steps" then just how much would a return to a credit fueled market mania cost the US? $3 Trillion? $5 Trillion? Any guesses?