Thursday, December 17, 2009

State Personal Income Rebound

BEA details:

Although third-quarter personal income growth was slower than second-quarter growth (0.8 percent), its composition improved. Net earnings accounted for most of third-quarter growth in 33 states and for the nation. In contrast, transfer receipts accounted for most second-quarter personal income growth in 41 states.

Nationally, the industries making the largest contributions to third-quarter earnings growth were finance and health care. Smaller contributions of the other private service-producing industries were offset by declines in goods-producing industries. Although mining, construction, and manufacturing continued to decline in the third quarter, they subtracted less from third-quarter earnings growth than from second quarter growth. Federal civilian and military earnings grew in the third quarter, but state and local earnings declined, so that the net contribution of the government sector was zero.

Quarter over Quarter Improvement

Year over Year Shows How Far We Had Fallen

Source: BEA

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