Friday, January 22, 2010

EconomPics of the Week (J-E-T-S AFC Championship Edition)

Apologies all around for my lackluster posts this week, especially in the face of MAJOR news, including:

The Death of the Health Care Plan = Sad
The new Bank Regulations = About time
Enabling corporations to run the U.S. government = A fucking joke

But here you go...

Oligopolistic Banking System and Compensation
Leading Economic Indicators Strong Across the Board
PPI Continues to Rise Due to Energy
Eurozone Industrial Orders Shows Improvement
China GDP: Grips It and Rips It
Commercial Real Estate Price Blip or Bottom?
Housing Data Split
J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets

Yikes... that really was a pathetic offering from EconomPic.

But lets look forward... to the J-E-T-S dismantling the Colts. Fireman Ed, please lead us the way.