Friday, February 10, 2012

EconomPics (and Links) of the Past Few Weeks

A quiet few weeks (unfortunately, get used to it) as I started a new gig in San Francisco (it only took two years to get here!) and I have a two month old that takes up a bunch of my non-work hours (zero complaining, just mentioning that fact).

What I did do this past week was consolidate some articles, posts, and charts that I found interesting and/or may want to revisit. Not sure if they would be of interest to you all, but I thought I would share (found below following my links since the last recap).

Asset Classes

Economic Data

Interesting (non-EconomPic) links....

Economic Data

The Housing Bottom is Here: New home sales forming bottom and nominal prices likely to follow (though real prices may have a few years left to decline)


JP Morgan Guide to the Markets: Pretty awesome presentation outlining returns by asset class for 2011 and Q4

Credit Suisse: Investment Returns Yearbook 2012: In depth review of global markets, containing returns, relationships across asset classes, and articles examining returns in various regimes (i.e. the ability of a variety of asset classes to hedge inflation)

• Equal Weight = Small Cap
• Dividend Weight = Value Stocks
• Revenue Weight = Low Margin, High Debt
• RAFI Weight = Value Stocks


Buy and Hold vs. Dollar-Weighted Returns: i.e. investors suck at investing

And your video of the week... Less than Jake (one of my favorite bands circa 1997) with Never Going Back to New Jersey

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  1. Congrats on the new gig and baby. That's a lot of change to pack in but sf is easier than NYC.

    Best, Jack