Friday, January 6, 2012

EconomPics of the Week... 2012 Edition

Economic Growth
How Do We Grow From Here?
Leading Economic Indicators Rise in November
GDP Revised Down to 1.8% on Weaker Consumption
Something Positive for the New Year

BLS: Employment: Positive, But No Blow Out
ADP: Is this the Employment Figure We've Been Waiting For?

Manufacturing / Services
Manufacturing Data Starts 2012 On a Positive Note
ISM Services Expands in December

Confidence Upswing Continues
Consumers Don't Care About Savings Rates
Breaking Out the 0.1%

Even More Perspective on Housing
Some Perspective on Housing

What a Year it Was!!!
Auto Recovery Perspective
Gingrich Sliding in Polls... Phew!

And your video of the week... M83 with Midnight City

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