Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Retail Sales Ratchet Higher

The WSJ details:

U.S. retail sales rose in October as Americans spent their dollars at electronics stores and on the Internet, a sign that consumers are willing to open their wallets ahead of the all-important holiday shopping season.

Separately, U.S. wholesale prices in October dropped at the fastest monthly pace since February 2010, a move that gives the Federal Reserve leeway to boost the economy and jobs with its monetary stimulus.

Retail and food services sales climbed 0.5% last month from September to an adjusted $397.67 billion, the Commerce Department said Tuesday. That came on top of a strong 1.1% gain in September retail sales.

Electronics saw a spike due to huge demand for the latest iPhone, but strong results across the board in the face of declining energy prices during the month.

Source: Census

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