Friday, June 3, 2011

EconomPics of the Week (June Gloom Edition)

Lots of economic data was released this week and it was pretty much consistently bad (or at least disappointing).

On the investment front, that is partially offset by a crowd turning VERY bearish (normally a sign to buy). Not bearish enough for me though... similar to what I've done in the past when unsure, I am reigning it in BIG time. Almost all of my risk taking is through relative value trades (i.e. everything is at least partially hedged) and options (happy to pay sub 20% vol on calls to get my long equity beta exposures).

Here were those economic events as reported here at EconomPic.

This Time IS Different... Employment Edition
Breaking Down Productivity
Japanese Autos Crushed
Pace of U.S. Recovery Slowing
Gas Rules Everything Around Me
Chicago PMI Misses

And the video of the week... let's slow it down with Iron and Wine's 'Such Great Heights' (cover of a great / very different sounding Postal Service tune).

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  1. Gotta add you back to the blogroll with all the posts! At S&P 1280 I have a plan, if I am right macro wise.