Friday, February 4, 2011

EconomPics of the (Since my Last EconomPics of the) Week

Economic Data
On the Job Non-Recovery
ISM Services Growth at Fastest Pace in 5 1/2 Years...
ISM Manufacturing Up for 20th Straight Month
The Importance of Small Business
Productivity Continues Hot Streak
European Retail Sales Decline
Auto's Continue Rebound
Chicago PMI Points to Heating Economy / Input Pric...
GDP Growth at 3.2% in Q4
Consumer Confidence Improves in January
Europe's Industrial Rebound: The Power of Mean Reversion
Housing Starts Quite Low
Empire Manufacturing Outlook at Seven Year High
Still Too Much Capacity

Asset Classes
Odd Month
The Bulldog Bubble
Taking a Look at the Cash Hoarders
Dividend vs. Buyback Yield... The Importance of Timing
Case Shiller Index Points to Housing Double Dip
China Hearts Silver... Market Top?
Housing Market Drives Leading Economic Indicators?...
The Equity Market is in Trouble... J-E-T-S Edition...
China Still NOT Selling Treasuries

And your video of the week... Passion Pit with Little Secrets

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