Friday, January 14, 2011

EconomPics of the Week (1-14-11)

This be called EconomPics of the year to date, but doesn't sound as good.

Assets / Financial Markets
China Owns Lots of Paper
A Strong 2010 for Hedge Funds
The History of Corporate Bonds
Trading Day #1 of 2011 = Risk On
Realized 20-Day Vol at 39 Year Low

The Federal Debt Spike
More on the Federal Debt
An Even Uglier Federal Debt Chart

Economic Data
Mind the Gap
PPI Hits Four-Handle
Employment Picture: Getting There... VERY Slowly
Employment Higher, but Disappoints
An Employment Report We've Been Waiting For
ISM Services Strong in December

The iPhone was a Huge Success...
Bernanke: 2010 Fund Manager of the Year

And your video of the week... Black Keys with Tighten Up. And you thought Ohio was worthless.


  1. WOW! Never heard them before! Great pick!

    Lets be honest, both you and I are on pins and needles until Sunday! Good luck my man but I do hope to beat your team!

  2. I posted my congrats on my site. Fiing killed us ten ways till tuesday. Nice game, much better team than we are.

  3. I gotta admit while it stung like hell, when Green scored late and then layed down and did the "put them to sleep" move in the endzone I thought that was funny as all get out. Everyone here is like "that was uncalled for!" but then I say we should have stopped him before then, after he can do whatever he wants.