Wednesday, February 3, 2010

TV Viewership and Educational Attainment

Hunch Blog (via Collision Detection) details:

Does watching lots of TV zap brain cells, or is it just that more educated people watch less TV? We’re not sure about the cause and effect relationship, but according to Hunch data the latter statement definitely seems true.

Interesting, but while Hunch is not sure why the relationship is inversely correlated, I think this chart makes it pretty easy to guess the reason (i.e. a HECK of a lot more time on their hands on average).

Source: Hunch

For the record, I am definitely one of the 37% listed with a Master Degree that watches at least 2 hours a day (though I probably watch less than 15 minutes each day while not multi-tasking).


  1. I don't watch TV at all.

    Does this mean I'm a genius?

  2. Once every couple of years I travel and turn on a TV in a motel.

    Holy s**t, how can anything above the level of a protozoan stand to watch such stuff. The content is awful and the overall stimulation level (rapid cuts, screen cluttered with graphics, machine gun dialog) makes it seem like everything is being run at x2 speed.

    The ultimate joke is that so much of what is on is called "reality" TV.