Friday, November 20, 2009

EconomPics of the Week (11/20/09)

Short week...

Breakin’ Down the Growth
Leading Economic Indicators Losing Strength
No Inventory Correction in September
Retail Sales Upside Suprise... Still Weak Longer Term
Japanese GDP... 4.8% Growth, but Ugly?

Selecting a Domestic Fixed Income Benchmark
Housing Starts and Permits Down.... GOOD

Inflation / Deflation
Auto Prices and CFC; CPI and Capacity
Has Euro CPI Seen Its Lows?
What Stinkin' Inflation? PPI Edition

1 in 7 Americans Affected by Food Insecurity

And your video of the week... rookie Brandon Jennings drops a double-nickel (and yes, the Knicks passed on him in the draft):

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