Thursday, September 24, 2009

GDP Growth by Metro Area (2008)

BEA details:

In 2008, real GDP by metropolitan area declined in 111 of the 366 MSAs. Many metropolitan areas in the Sun Belt, which had previously experienced large growth in the housing market, were adversely affected by protracted housing declines. Much of the decline in the housing-related industries (construction and finance and insurance) can be attributed to metropolitan areas in Arizona, California, Florida, and Nevada.

In contrast, growth accelerated in 146 metropolitan areas, most notably in areas where natural resources and mining industries are concentrated such as Casper, WY and Grand Junction, CO. Grand Junction had the fastest real GDP growth (12.3 percent) of any metropolitan area in 2008 due largely to growth in natural resources and mining. The professional and business services industry group also showed strong growth in 2008, contributing the most to real GDP growth in 112 metropolitan areas.

What isn't mentioned is the horrendous turn of events for those metro areas within Indiana, devestated by the downturn in the RV business.

Source: BEA


  1. Fort Stewart and Fort Hood are both huge Army posts. The jobs are secure there and the Army is expanding.

  2. Also, Manhattan, KS is adjacent to Fort Riley. I presume that the GDP growth in that area is military related as well.