Tuesday, August 19, 2008

When 50 Cent is Worth $150 Million

While we're waiting for July's Producer Price Index to be released in about an hour, lets turn it over to Forbes: Hip-Hop's Cash Kings 2008 for an update on how the recession is effecting our favorite Hip Hop stars:

The new king of hip-hop wealth banked $100 million after taxes on one deal alone when his stake in VitaminWater's parent, Glacéau, was bought by Coca-Cola as part of a $4.1 billion deal. 50's portfolio also includes the popular G-Unit clothing line and record label, plus films, videogames and a slew of platinum albums, including last year's Curtis. Also in the works: a mining partnership with South African billionaire Partrice Motsepe (see "The 50 Cent Machine").

Of the top 20 Hip Hop earners, 50 Cent / Jay-Z / and P-Diddy pulled in more than half the group's combined $550mm+...

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