Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Germany as the Poster Child for Fiscal Responsibility

In yesterday's post on European Debt, I noticed:
What is interesting (to me) is that debt levels in Germany are almost (or at least in the ball park) of Portuguese and Irish levels at 83% of GDP. While Ireland is WAY over their heads with a death spiraling economy, Portugal has actually been relatively lockstep with Germany; Germany's GDP and public debt levels have grown 2.7% and 32% since 2007, Portugal's 1.9% and 39%.
The below chart takes a look at Germany from a different perspective, comparing their debt dynamics (i.e. the responsible ones) to that of the U.S. (i.e. the wild child) rather than a country within the EU periphery.

While the United States has certainly outpaced Germany in terms of the amount of debt supported by the underlying economy, Germany is:
  • Not far off
  • Perhaps only lagging because they are a step or two behind (what do things look like post periphery bailout)
Source: Haver