Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011!

A repost from New Years 2009, tweaked (I'm feeling lazy) for the most recent year that was.

As 2008 2010 comes to an end, it is hopefully easyier for many of you to curse appreciate the year that was, but I urge you all to remember that the greatest things in life are not your personal finances. For me this includes:
  • My family remained healthy and happy
  • The birth of my first nephew niece
  • Living in one of the greatest city on earth (in my opinion), New York City and getting set to move to another one of the greatest cities on earth (more to come)
  • The ability to reach out to thousands (still shocking) of readers via EconomPic Data
  • And most important to me... getting engaged being married for the past year and a half to an unbelievably caring (and gorgeous) woman.
Rather then just put this year in the past, I urge you all to look forward to an even brighter 200911. Best wishes to all and a happy New Year.